Wwf sex scandal

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Terry Garvin

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World Wrestling Federation | mayweb.ru

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WWF Sex Scandal In 1992

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  1. Sakora
    Sakora1 year ago

    Why does no adult movie star know how to use a controller tho

  2. Zutilar
    Zutilar1 year ago

    I think that it starts with teaching men to handle rejection. I dont think that women really need to understand how men feel about rejection, because 1) most people know what rejection feels like, because whether you asked someone on a date or not, you've experienced rejection in some way in your life, and most importantly 2) how you feel isn't really the issue. The problem with men being rejected is the REACTION to being rejected. This is what separates men from women, men being rejected creates an element of FEAR for the woman. That's the problem.

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